Peace at all times in every way.

  • dark cave

    When the Future Isn’t Happy

    Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and “undo” things I’ve done or said. But these days I’m experiencing something very different. I’m wishing I…

  • standing in the sun

    Even (Painful) Truths Can Set Us Free

    I had a long overdue conversation with Mark last night. Jason had already brushed his teeth for him and put him to bed. But when I walked past his room with a basket full of…

  • shoes

    Huge Lessons from Tiny Shoes

    Frankly, our adopted son, Mark, is a very ill little boy. His special needs are many, but perhaps the most baffling and difficult of all is the strict diet we have to manage for…

  • earplugs

    A Different Way to Hear

    Sometimes life with Mark can be like playing a game of never-ending charades or Mad Libs. He says words independently that may or may not have anything to do with what's happening…

    Mark's hands

    A Perfect Gift

    Those closest to us can hurt us the most. And because of their trusted and valued place in our lives, we’re often caught completely off guard,…